Mission FIRA 2013

Federation of International Robot-soccer Association or simply FIRA is the Robotic equivalent of the real world soccer association, FIFA. Each year it organizes a Robot Soccer World tournament with multiple leagues to participate in. It is every robotics enthusiast’s dream to be able to witness the glory that FIRA is. This year FIRA is organizing its annual magnum opus in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. FIRA RoboWorld 2013 will be host to Robot Soccer teams from top universities all across the globe. IIT Kharagpur too shall participate in the MiroSot and SimuroSot leagues. With a team of 5 autonomous robots, each which do not extend beyond a 7.5cm edged cube, MiroSot challenges the very scale of robotics. SimuroSot on the other hand shall test the limits of Artificial Intelligence by providing a Simulation platform for several Soccer Strategies to compete against each other.

With the team having worked year round, KRSSG is all geared up to represent IIT Kharagpur among the top Universities in the world that specialize in Robotics. The team shall fly off to Malaysia with high hopes on 23rd August,2013. Last minute preparations have stepped in as the moment we have all been waiting for is just around the corner. The team is ready to expand its horizon with International participation not just in FIRA, but also in several other major Robot Soccer Leagues in the coming years. Participation this year is very crucial and important as this is the first step towards International recognition and appreciation.

Its time to step and perform. Wishing the team all the best!

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