Technical Presentation at the Intel Embedded Controls and Software Workshop

The Computer Science Department of IIT Kharagpur was host to a Workshop on Embedded Controls and Software organised by Intel during 13th to 15th May, 2013. A few members of our team delivered a technical presentation and a short demonstration  as the closing event of the entire workshop. The workshop witnessed participation from students as well as faculty from several graduate schools across India. Starting off on a high note with a short note, the audience were introduced to the concept of soccer playing robots. They were informed of several leagues and standard International competitions that our team participates and plans to participate as well.

With the introduction and videos over the presentation started getting more technical. A member from the mechanical team went through the entire procedure of robot design, fabrication and assembly. The audience were awestruck at some of the highly detailed SolidWorks models of the robot and its components. Continuing with the presentation the Embedded Electronics and Controls segment was brought up. With all the circuital components explained briefly they were they neatly wrapped up and presented in the form of a complete circuit. Light was shed on the Communication Protocol and the Control Loop Structure. Thereafter the area of focus shifted over to the Control Loop and Controller. This was the main focus of the entire presentation and even professors from the audience were listening intently as the speaker briefly went through the concepts of PID and a Fuzzy Logic Controller.

The concepts were over the top, to make them more comprehend able we incorporated several graphical plots to show the Step Response of a Motor in the absence of a control loop, A PID Controller and a Fuzzy Logic PID Controller. Moving on to the Artificial Intelligence team the crowd was introduced to the concept of  Football Strategy on a C-Code. The entire play structure was briefly described, the hierarchy of schemes was introduced and several intelligent algorithms for path-planning and machine learning were also showcased.

Perhaps the crowd had enough of concepts. The crowd went ecstatic when the team started displaying the bots. Everyone assembled to the front few rows. We showed them a manual control of the robot using a GUI. Several motions such as rotation, forward, backward and controlled spiral motion were also displayed. The exactness and precision of a Controller became evident eventually. Real time Motor response was plotted on  a GUI in the absence of a controller, a PID controller and a Fuzzy Logic PID Controller to show them the observable difference between them. With this we concluded our presentation to entertain the many doubts of the audience, which was followed by  a quick photo session.

DSC_2710 DSC_2717 DSC_2739

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